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Thankful for College Visits

Aside from finding the right college fit, a campus visit can lead to helping your teen find the right next steps in life.

College Search – 40 Years Ago

Can’t wait to ask my high school classmates how college search for their kids differs from our day! 40 year high school reunion coming up!

Got College Application Stress Already?

When did fall open house season become college application season?

“Ask Smart Questions on College Visits” Podcast Interview

I always welcome the opportunity to talk about college visits and I want to thank Steve Schwartz, founder of College Admissions Toolbox, for inviting me! But even more fun was learning about his journey to college.

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Parent College Coach Tip #27: Don’t Fear the Gap Year

“I want to take a year before I go to college” are some of the most...

Are You A Gap Year Candidate?

According to the research, Gap Year graduates who have participated in a structured Gap Year are performing better in college (1-2 points in GPA), graduating earlier, proving more motivated in their studies, engaging more in campus activities, and are happier in their careers.

Gap Year: Should those words strike fear in your heart?

Several Ivy League colleges, like Harvard and Princeton, encourage a gap year and in return they gain students who are more focused and are more likely to complete their college education within 5 years.

Saving For your Child’s Education

Tip for our UK readers — Saving for your Child’s Education is important whether you live in the UK or the US. These tips can help fund your child’s education in cost-effective ways.

Takeaway Tweets & Transcript from #CampusChat with Leah Ingram

A very special thank you goes out to Leah Ingram, founder of Suddenly...

Smart College Price Calculators

by Su Clauson-Wicker No longer must families wait until their student is...

Scholarship Mom Tip #152: HAPPY THANKSGIVING

A Thanksgiving offer from Scholarship Mom to help you win scholarships!

Scholarship Mom Tip #151: The Word of the Day Matters

Test prep programs are a great way to help students increase scores and a word of the day calendar can make a great gift to help build vocabulary.

#CampusChat Q&A: Tips Celebrating National Scholarship Month

This week in honor of National Scholarship Month, Monica Matthews, our Scholarship Mom, shared some tips and websites to search for scholarships

SAT Test Prep Tips from Magoosh on #CampusChat

Featured guest, Magoosh, shares SAT test prep tips during #CampusChat. From practice tests to video tutoring, there’s a wealth of resources available.

Test Prep

Nothing puts anxiety in a student’s head more than standardized tests. But, love ’em or hate ’em, they are an integral part of the college admissions process. Try these five easy test prep tips, no panicking allowed!

Smart Q & A: Is Optional SAT really Optional?

QUESTION (via Twitter): from: @suddenlyfrugal Admissions officer told us...