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#CampusChat Recap and Transcript: College Moms Discuss College Visits

The September 23, 2015 #CampusChat was all about parenting and the college visit. If you missed the chat, here’s the recap and its loaded with excellent tips to help teens and parents get the most from their college visit.

Beginning College Visits with My Son

And, we’re off! College visits have begun and I’m learning how quickly the process has to be adapted to fit the college-bound student.

Visiting Colleges in NYC: Consider a Weekend in the “City That Never Sleeps”

If your campus tour plans include visiting colleges in NYC, why not combine your college search with a weekend in the city?

5 Tips on Using Pinterest to Plan Your Campus Visit

Pinterest’s new map tool makes it easy to plan your campus visit! Parents and students can use it together to collaborate on what to see and do while visiting each college campus.

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Lodging Reservation Tools for Colleges

Our goal is to make it easy for families to plan and book travel to visit every campus. Here’s how we’re helping colleges and universities do just that.

Parent College Coach Tip #83: You Can’t Judge a College by the Brochure

College brochures are marketing materials—first and foremost. Don’t be...

Parent College Coach Tip #82: Prepare Your Student For an Active Shooter

It’s happened again. We all watched shockingly yesterday as more students were massacred by a gunman on a college campus.

Schools use to be safe. But not anymore. They mirror the outside world. There’s a risk of being a victim of a crazed shooter anywhere: in a church, in a movie theater, at an office and in our schools. Since you can’t live in fear (or let your student see your fear), how do you prepare your student for an active shooter?

Parent College Coach Tip #81: My #1 College Essay Tip

Pretending to be someone they are not in an effort to impress admissions isn’t going to earn any points when evaluating the application. The officers want to know more about your student, who they are, what is important to them, and why they want to attend their college. They can’t get that information if your student can’t be himself in the essay.

Smart College Visit: 1-Stop Shop

When it comes to how we serve college-bound teens and their parents, this...

SCV Programmer/Web Developer – Job Requirements

Smart College Visit, Inc. (SCV) is  is seeking a part-time programmer/web...

Smart College Visit Marketing/Communications Internship Opportunity

Who best knows what's happening on campus? The college students,...

Smart See, Smart Do: Bridgewater College Equestrian Center

by Su Clauson-Wicker Most students ask "Can I bring my car to...

Smart See, Smart Do: Channeling Bing Crosby at Gonzaga University

Everybody, join in: “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the …

Smart See, Smart Do: Liberty University’s Snowflex

I’m dreaming of a white… well, anytime of the year, really. When...

SCV 5 Minute Guide to Study Abroad

Did you know there’s more than one way to study abroad? Check out our new 5-Minute Guide to Study Abroad and get started planning your college journey abroad.

5 Survival Tips for Taking Online College Courses

All college students should expect at least one all-online class as part of any degree program. These five tips will help you stay on track even without the personal interaction of a traditional classroom.

The Dos and Don’ts of Being Deferred

While being deferred from your first-choice early action or early decision application can be upsetting, take heart. These do’s and don’ts will help the deferred student.

How to Plan Ahead for Study Abroad with CIMBA Italy on this week’s #CampusChat

Is your student considering study abroad next year? Do you wonder how she should prepare and what she should take (or not take)?

SCV 5 Minute Guide to Study Abroad

Did you know there’s more than one way to study abroad? Check out our new 5-Minute Guide to Study Abroad and get started planning your college journey abroad.

First Trip to China? What to know, what to do.

It’s important to know a few key things for your first trip to China. This article outlines things that will help ensure a smooth, positive experience.