Where’d They Go To School: Fortune 500 CEOs

July 16, 2010

Concept of expensive education - dollars and diplomaEver thought about what it takes to be a top CEO? We have. Here’s Fortune’s (CNN-Money.com) list of the Top 20 Fortune 500 CEOs and where they studied.

As you plan your college visits, consider some of these fine schools:

  1. Rex W. Tillerson: Exxon Mobile – University of Texas at Austin
  2. Michael T. Duke: Wal-mart – Georgia Institute of Technology
  3. David J. O’Reilly: Chevron – University College, Dublin
  4. James J. Mulva: ConocoPhillips – University of Texas Austin
  5. Jeffrey R. Immelt: General Electric – Dartmouth College (Undergrad) & Harvard University (Masters)
  6. Frederick Henderson: General Motors – University of Michigan
  7. Alan R. Mulally: Ford Motor – University of Kansas (Undergrad) & Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Masters)
  8. Randall L. Stephenson: AT&T – University of Central Oklahoma (Undergrad) & University of Oklahoma (Masters)
  9. Mark V. Hurd: Hewlett-Packard – Baylor University
  10. William R. Klesse: Valero Energy – University of Dayton (Undergrad) & West Texas A&M University  (Masters)
  11. Kenneth D. Lewis: Bank of America – Georgia State University (Undergrad) & Stanford University     (Masters)
  12. Vikram S. Pandit: Citigroup –  Columbia University
  13. Warren E. Buffett: Berkshire Hathaway – University of Pennsylvania (Transferred), University of Nebraska (Undergrad) & Columbia University (Masters)
  14. Samuel J. Palmisano: IBM – Johns Hopkins University
  15. John H. Hammergren: McKesson –University of Minnesota (Undergrad) & Xavier University (Masters)
  16. James Dimon: J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. – Tufts University (Undergrad) & Harvard Business School   (Masters)
  17. Ivan G. Seidenberg: Verizon Communications – City University of New York (Undergrad) & Pace University (Masters)
  18. R. Kerry Clark: Cardinal Health – Queen’s University Kingston
  19. Thomas M. Ryan: CVS Caremark – University of Rhode Island
  20. Alan G. Lafley: Proctor & Gamble – Hamilton College (Undergrad) & Harvard Business School (Masters)


Chelsea Merget, a junior at Boston University is pursuing a degree in Communications with a minor in Psychology. She is spending the summer as a public relations intern with Smart College Visit, Inc. Where’d They Go to School™ is a series appearing on SmartCollegeVisit.com.

Author: cmerget

Chelsea Merget is currently an Account Coordinator at Grayling PR in Seattle, WA, specializing in B2B and enterprise tech startups. She was previously an intern and social media specialist on the Smart College Visit team. Chelsea earned her BS in Communications and minor in psychology from Boston University.

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