Takeaway Tweets & Transcript from #CampusChat Open Mic Night: Mobile Phones & More

Thanks to everyone who joined CampusChat last night on Twitter. Here are just a few of the takeaway tweets I felt were important last night — many others can be found in the transcript, but I chose these to draw attention to Flash Forward, a new service from Twitter (read more in the link by Eric Stoller – @ericstoller – 2nd tweet) and to show that parents will tweet about schools when they visit campus with their teens while teen will text and update Facebook. There's much more — please click on the link at the end for the complete transcript. 

ericstoller: @collegevisit I would be super happy if ppl tweeted about my school while they were on a tour, like a mobile testimonial. #campuschat

ericstoller: Let's not forget that prospects on tours can sign up for twitter via fast follow for admissions updates:http://bit.ly/cWq1rE #campuschat

SkiManilow: @megs0124 Of course, we tweeted during the walking portion of tour, not during admissions session. #campuschat

SkiManilow: @collegevisit Technology, we love it. Son texted his friends and updated Facebook, but "older" folks tweet more. #campuschat

Transcript for #campuschat – What the Hashtag?! http://bit.ly/cKkydC

Next week,9/15/10, DJ Waldow of Blue Sky Marketing will be my guest and co-host.

Z. Kelly Queijo

Author: Z. Kelly Queijo

Kelly is founder of Smart College Visit and Smart College Consulting. When she's not creating content for the blog or clients, tweeting, or hosting #CampusChat, she's planning her next mobile move.

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