Takeaway Tweets & Transcript from #CampusChat with Kaplan Test Prep

Would you friend a College Admissions Officer?

I'm hard-pressed to pick the best takeaway tweet from Wednesday night's CampusChat on June 15, 2011. Led by guest, Eitan Dantzig, online college admissions expert, at Kaplan Test Prep, many of us were surprised by stats related to Facebook friend requests and college admissions, as well as the amount of scholarship dollars that go unclaimed due to lack participation by the college-bound audience.

Here are two tweets that addresssed these topics:

KaplanSATACT: Q1- 80% of college admissions officers in our 2010 survey said they’d been friended by applicants #CampusChat  1 day ago via web · Reply · View Tweet

KaplanSATACT: Q5- There's something for everyone. BILLIONS of scholarship $$ go unclaimed every year b/c no one applied! #CampusChat  1 day ago via web · Reply · View Tweet

To learn more from the @KaplanSATACT #CampusChat, read the the Takeaway Tweets below. The Takeaways are loaded with great tips for summer college prep for high school sophomores and juniors (and younger teens) covering Facebook  and social media for teens, scholarship search, and SAT / ACT test prep. 

Z. Kelly Queijo

Author: Z. Kelly Queijo

Kelly is founder of Smart College Visit and Smart College Consulting. When she's not creating content for the blog or clients, tweeting, or hosting #CampusChat, she's planning her next mobile move.

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