Takeaway Tweets from #CampusChat on “Senioritis”

TweetyLast night's #CampusChat on Twitter produced so many great college prep tips for high school seniors on how and why to avoid catching senioritis.  

Here are 7 Takeaway Tweets from the chat: 

  1. @gionnicortez  Q2: If you really want to get rid senioritis, surround yourself w/ others who are going to push you to do the best you can! #CampusChat
  2. @myFootpath: Heres a tip: College Freshmen, dont feel embarrassed to go to orientation stuff. It is KEY! #campuschat
  3.  @jeannieborin  Q3 – learn what you can about your #college community & connect with other #students in your #freshman class-& spend QT w/family #campuschat
  4. @myFootpath  Q3: The summer before college, you can also get a job. It will help you save $$ to offset school expenses and keep you focused. #campuschat
  5. @myFootpath:  Q7: The more you can visit, talk to people, become familiar with the campus, the more ready you will fell. #campuschat
  6. @SheldonWordNerd:  Q7 Feel normal. You shouldn't feel entirely prepared. You're entering a new world! Just try to be excited, not overwhelmed. #campuschat
  7. @jeannieborin: #College WILL rescind offers of #admission – so senioritis is a definite no no #campuschat

 Also, I'd like to extend a HUGE thanks to Noel Rozny, Web Editor & Content Manager for myFootpath.com for suggesting this topic and leading the discussion! 

This post will be updated with a link to the full transcript when it's available. 

Z. Kelly Queijo

Author: Z. Kelly Queijo

Kelly is founder of Smart College Visit and Smart College Consulting. When she's not creating content for the blog or clients, tweeting, or hosting #CampusChat, she's planning her next mobile move.

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