Travel Tuesday Tip: Apply For A Passport Before You Go To College

It’s “Travel Tuesday” (a designation on Twitter for travel related tweets posted on — you guess it — Tuesdays! Travel Tuesday Tweets carry the hashtag “#traveltuesday” or “#TT” (case does not matter).  

Various forms of identity license, social security and passportIn honor of #TT, our travel tip for college-bound students is:  Apply for your passport BEFORE you go to college. 

Here’s why:  You’ll save time, possibly some money, and a lot of headaches if you apply while you are still living at home where you have easy access to required documents such as your birth certificate. It will be one less detail you’ll have to take care of should you decide to study abroad or travel outside the US for student trips or spring break.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Cost:  $140 app fee + $25 execution fee (bring a check with you to the processing office, some centers or government departments may not accept debit, credit cards, or cash)
  • Timeline: Expect it take to  4-6 weeks for the government to process your passport application
  • Passport photo:  It only takes about 10 minutes to pop into a CVS or other retailer with passport photo processing services to have a photo made that meets the specifications set by the US Government.
  • Never had a passport: Adult First Time Applicants (age 16 years and older) need to apply in person to the designated government center in your area and submit a US Passport Application. All first time applicants must apply in person at a Passport AgencyAcceptance FacilityU.S. Embassy or Consulate.

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Z. Kelly Queijo

Author: Z. Kelly Queijo

Kelly is founder of Smart College Visit and Smart College Consulting. When she's not creating content for the blog or clients, tweeting, or hosting #CampusChat, she's planning her next mobile move.

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