Takeaway Tweets from #CampusChat: Money Talks

Tips on college financial aid from #CampusChat with Jodi Okun

Money talksCollege Financial Aid tips from guest:
Jodi Okun, founder of College Financial
Aid Advisors 

Q1: What do I need to know
about a college before we can have a money talk? 

@JodiOkun A1 Cost of Attendance is a good first step – go on to college
websites and it is always listed #campuschat -9:05 PM Mar 6th,

@JodiOkun A1 Also check out the net price calculator on each college
website to get an idea if you eligible for need based aid #campuschat -9:06 PM
Mar 6th, 2013

@JodiOkun A1 Always go to financial aid office a counselor will meet with
you and discuss any questions you have #campuschat -9:09 PM

@fujifulgueras @@JodiOkun Cost of attendance key term. Too many people ask
"tuition" – which is only part of the cost of college #campuschat
-9:09 PM Mar 6th, 2013

Q2: What kind of awards
are there?

@JodiOkun A2 There are merit awards for grades – this is free money in the
form of grants or scholarships #campuschat -9:11 PM Mar 6th, 2013

@collegevisit Key terms to know: "NPC" = Net Price Calculator
& "Cost of attendance" = total college costs, not just tuition
#campuschat -9:12 PM Mar 6th, 2013

@JodiOkun A2 Also you can receive need based aid if you file out the FAFSA
and are eligible #campuschat -9:13 PM Mar 6th, 2013

@JodiOkun say it again one more time for the people sitting in the far away
LOL RT @aidscholarship: Always, ALWAYS submit the FAFSA!!! #CampusChat -9:16 PM
Mar 6th, 2013

@AidScholarship Not just once! EACH year! RT @collegevisit: And, submit the
#FAFSA each year student is in college! #campuschat -9:20 PM Mar 6th, 2013

Q3: When are financial aid
awards sent? Do they come with offer letters?

@JodiOkun A3 Fin Aid awards are sent w/ the letter of acceptance or 3 weeks
after u have been accepted to the college #campuschat -9:21 PM Mar 6th, 2013

@JodiOkun A3 Most schools post award letters on the student center – snail
mail is getting kinda pricey #campuschat -9:23 PM Mar 6th, 2013

@AidScholarship Some schools are completely paperless. Keep checking email
for award notices! #CampusChat -9:25 PM Mar 6th, 2013

@collegevisit @@JodiOkun When financial is awarded, is an amount deducted
from the college bill? #campuschat -9:28 PM Mar 6th, 2013

@JodiOkun colleges say they save over $10,000 if they go paperless RT
@aidscholarship: My oldest son's university was paperless. #CampusChat -9:30 PM
Mar 6th, 2013

@JodiOkun no there is still time some priority dates have passed but submit
RT @collegevisit: Is it too late to submit the #FAFSA? #campuschat -9:34 PM Mar
6th, 2013

Q4: Is financial

@JodiOkun A4 If there is something happening in your family, job loss,
medical etc please let fin aid office know #campuschat -9:35 PM Mar 6th, 2013

@AidScholarship RT @fujifulgueras: A4 Families can appeal a colleges #finaid
offer. Call the college & provide documentation to support appeal
#campuschat -9:41 PM Mar 6th, 2013

Q5: Should I use my
retirement $$ to pay for my kid's college?

@JodiOkun A5 no please don’t use your retirement to pay for college
#campuschat -9:41 PM Mar 6th, 2013

@AmySchmidtSmith Can/do colleges bill multiple households for tuition
payments? Think step-parent scenario. Thanks! #campuschat -9:45 PM Mar 6th,

@fujifulgueras @AmySchmidtSmith The FAFSA is completed by the parent with
whom the student/child resides #campuschat -9:48 PM Mar 6th, 2013

@JodiOkun @fujifulgueras here is our #CollegeCash Pinterest Board http://t.co/htjRNjnsQh
#campuschat #pinchat <- enjoy @Tribe2point0 -9:48 PM Mar 6th, 2013

Q6: Even if I can afford
to pay for college, should I fill out the FAFSA?

@JodiOkun A6 – yes fill out the FAFSA – you may need it down the road –
just in case #campuschat -9:51 PM Mar 6th, 2013

@KEducaTionL Many scholarships do require FAFSA. RT @@JodiOkun: A6 yes you
may also need it for scholarship opportunities #campuschat -9:53 PM Mar 6th,

@fujifulgueras Good website sheet to use to compare colleges – http://t.co/JYLPuzGfup
#campuschat via @JonBoeckenstedt -9:55 PM Mar 6th, 2013

@collegevisit @@JodiOkun What should a parent gather before filling out the
fafsa? #campuschat -9:56 PM Mar 6th, 2013

@JodiOkun @collegevisit current 1040 – DL # – SSN# – W2's – Bank statements
end of month – List of colleges applying to #campuschat -9:58 PM Mar 6th, 2013

@akilbello @@JodiOkun but how can you know what's affordable until aid
awarded and scholarships applied for ? #campuschat -9:59 PM Mar 6th, 2013

@JodiOkun @akilbello I do a projected budget worksheet w/ parents so we are
80% ready & when award arrives we have about 30 days 2 decide #campuschat
-10:01 PM Mar 6th, 2013


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