Housing for Freshmen Entrepreneurs at Virginia Tech

We all know Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in his dorm room. Now, just imagine what could happen if a group  of (say 35) smart, entrepreneur-minded college students found themselves living together in one big house!

Innovate House for freshmen entrepreneurs at Virginia Tech

“Innovate” residence for freshmen entrepreneurs at Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech is on the verge of finding out. The university recently converted the former Sigma Phi Epsilon
on-campus fraternity house into a Living-Learning Community (LLC) for college entrepreneurs.

Hayden Lee, president of the VT Entrepreneur Club thinks that the program, “Will lead to some great student companies being formed and will allow students to see that college entrepreneurship is a real thing and entirely possible.”

The faculty-supervised, two-year,  pilot program has been named Innovate: An Entrepreneurial Community.  There are 35 spots for freshmen to live in an “entrepreneurial environment.” The goal of the program is to have a group of passionate, high-energy people with an entrepreneurial spirit living together while hopefully colliding to create and execute some fantastic

Author: Valerie

Valerie Grove is a junior at Virginia Tech, majoring in communications and former intern at Smart College Visit.

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