Scholarship Mom Tip #51: Resist the Click


Resist the urge to submit your scholarship application late at night.

Online scholarship applications are just as important as those that are mailed to the scholarship provider.

Resist the urge to click the “Submit” button if it is late at night, even if you think the app is complete and ready to go.

Tired eyes can easily miss small mistakes and the urge to just “get it done” may win out over careful attention to details.

Remember, the first 30 seconds that a scholarship judge skims over the application are the MOST important, so wait until fresh eyes can proofread the application and make sure there are no mistakes!

Author: Monica Matthews

Monica Matthews is our favorite scholarship mom! After helping her son win $100,000 in scholarships for his college education, she founded to share what she learned along the way and now she's sharing her tips with Smart College Visit!

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