Parent College Coach Tip #7: The Ball’s in Your Court!

Parent College Coach Tip #7: The Ball's in Your Court!

The ball’s in your court when offers of admission arrive?

Parents are traditionally frightened by college admissions. They fear the power that colleges have and the arbitrary way they make admission decisions. It feels like everything your college-bound teen does in the admission process is scrutinized to the minutest of details. And the last thing you want is for them to be rejected by a college they apply to.

Before the offers of admission arrive, the college has the upper hand. They ask your student to follow the rules, provide all the information, and jump through all of their admission hoops. You and your student have little control except to choose which college to apply to. But when the college offers arrive, the ball’s in your court. You have the power. It’s shifted into your hands and the decisions you make from this point on are in your power to control.

Before your college-bound teen decides which college to attend, you should weigh your options. You are the consumer and you should treat this as you would any financial investment. Compare cost vs. value. Compare colleges with one another. Which college is willing to back up their offer of admission with cold, hard cash? You have the power; make a wise financial choice.

Author: Suzanne Shaffer

Suzanne Shaffer advises parents and students in the college admissions process and the importance of early college preparation at She is excited to share her knowledge with the readers of Smart College Visit.

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