Famous People Who Have Studied Abroad

Famous People Who Have Studied AbroadWill you go on to do great things?

Not that it is a requirement, surely. But, living and studying abroad give you insights and skills that you might not get by staying on your home turf.

Study-abroad opportunities provide myriad ways for students to gain a global perspective, deepen cultural understanding, and learn other languages. Such experiences have shaped the lives of many, including U.S. presidents, actors, business executives, journalists, and astronauts.

Former President Bill Clinton, one of the most well-liked presidents in history, won a Rhodes scholarship to study at University College in Oxford. Alice Walker and Susan Sontag, two notable authors, both spent time living overseas (Uganda and England/Paris respectively). Famous glass artist, Dale Chihuly was a Fulbright Scholar in Venice Italy. Pete Dawkins, Former Chairman and CEO of Primerica Financial Services, Heisman Trophy Winner and Army Brigadier General is a former Rhodes Scholar. Even Gwyneth Paltrow studied in Spain as a high school student. Each of them has attributed their success, at least in part, to their experiences abroad.Bill Clinton Studied Abroad

Who might you meet, what might you see or learn while you are abroad that will be the impetus to your going on to doing great things?

See which other celebrities and notable U.S. study abroad and Peace Corps alumni have gone on to great success at these websites.

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Mother of 3 teens (one off to college this coming fall). Recently relocated to Blacksburg, VA from Shanghai, China where we spent 4 years. I am TEFL certified and currently host English Conversation Groups and privately teach English as a second language. I love travel writing and photography.

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