Parent College Coach Tip #18: Embrace Social Media

Parents - Embrace social media in the college application process.Even if you’re in denial (and some parents are), social media is here to stay. Not only is it here to stay, but it’s an invaluable tool to help parents and students with college prep. From finding colleges, to college visits, to financial aid, to moving into a dorm, social media can help. The information is out there, all you have to do is find it. And that is an overwhelming task.

Here are just a few ways to you can use social media for college prep:


Twitter is more than people posting about celebrities, their evening meals, sporting events and current events. Twitter is one of the best places to find information about college prep. If you follow the right people, they will offer up the best information along with how and where to find it. Where do you start? Follow my list of 50 Twitter accounts every parent should follow to find college prep information.

And while you’re at it, make it a point to attend some Twitter chats: #CampusChat on Wednesday at 9PM ET; #CollegeChat at 9PM ET; and #CollegeCash at 8PM ET.


There are many college experts who have Facebook pages. They post articles with information about college prep. “Like” their pages and you’ll get the updates in your news feed every day. Where do you start? You can “like” my page and Smart College Visit’s page and when you’re on Twitter, look for other Facebook links.


Since May 2011, visitors to Pinterest have increased by 2, 702.2% and with over a million visitors every single day, it’s an excellent source for information. If you’re not using Pinterest during the college prep process, you’re neglecting a valuable tool.

Pinterest’s search tool allows you to organize articles and all kinds of information by creating boards for each topic. It’s one way to keep all your resources in one place and revisit when you need to reread the information or delve deeper. Follow some boards, organize your searches and use it for research.

Social media is an invaluable college prep resource. If you’re not using it, you’re missing out on the easiest way to gather the information you need to navigate the college maze with ease.



Author: Suzanne Shaffer

Suzanne Shaffer advises parents and students in the college admissions process and the importance of early college preparation at She is excited to share her knowledge with the readers of Smart College Visit.

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