Follow Budgeting Tips

Follow budgeting tips to be sure you don't run short before payday.

Follow budgeting tips so you don’t wind up short on money.

Nothing can help you stick to your budget like having just a few dollars to carry you through till payday. The trick is to figure out how to stick to your budget before you find you’re out of cash.

Our Frugal Student Tips series can give you some ideas to keep your spending down, and a few for how to handle situations when everyone around you seems to be spending like there’s no tomorrow.

Tip 1: Don’t pay twice

Tip 2: Don’t drink your dollars

Tip 3: ┬áDon’t catch spending envy

Find all of the Frugal Student Tips here.

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Author: Amy Widner

Amy is editor and lead writer at Smart College Visit. After 20 years in corporate and higher education communication, she is delighted to be able to spend more time writing than wrangling.

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