Today’s Helicopter Parents: #CampusChat Recap

Helicopter Parenting

Are you heading into helicopter parenting?

A big thank you to Suzanne Shaffer for being our featured guest on #CampusChat, Wednesday, January 7, 2015. Here’s the recap of Suzanne’s tweets! Great links to follow up on!

Today’s Helicopter Parents

Q1 What are some stories indicating that helicopter parents have gone wild? #CampusChat

A1 Too close? These parents moved to college with their kids  #CampusChat
A1 Helicopter parents now hovering over college kids living on campus  #CampusChat
A1 The Move to College: Should Parents Come Too? #CampusChat

Q2 How would you respond to the stories about parents moving to college with their children? #CampusChat

A2 I can hardly believe it. When I first heard these stories, I was shocked! Helicopter Parents Gone Wild #CampusChat
A2 First, I can’t believe parents would even consider it. Second, I can’t believe any student would agree to it. #CampusChat
A2 Independence is a key trait kids learn when going away to college—go with them and you rob them of it #CampusChat

Q3 Conversely, what are some stories about parents being ordered to pay for college? #CampusChat

A3 Are you on the hook to pay for your child’s education? #CampusChat
A3 Forcing Some Parents to Pay College Tuition  #CampusChat
A3 Parents don’t owe their kids a college education  #CampusChat

Q4 Do you think parents are obligated to pay for college? #CampusChat

A4 Obligated? No. Responsible for teaching their kids financial responsibility? Yes. #CampusChat
A4 Open discussions about financing college and budgeting for it should begin when student enters high school #CampusChat
A4 Studies show that if a student is invested in their education financially, they are more inclined to take it seriously #CampusChat

Q5 In your opinion, when do parents cross the line? How much should parents be involved? #CampusChat

A5 Parents cross the line when they begin doing tasks that should be done by the student: communicating w/colleges, writing essay, etc. #CampusChat
A5 When you step in and don’t allow your student to self-advocate, you are over-parenting #CampusChat
A5 Parents should be part of a team—helping students with tasks, allowing them to grow towards independence, cheering them on #CampusChat

Q6 Is all helicopter parenting bad? #CampusChat

A6 Not all helicopter parenting is bad.  Mom-Approved Tips: A Different Take on Helicopter Parenting #CampusChat
A6 Parent roles have changed over the years—today’s parents are invested in kids education and future success #CampusChat
A6 Parents who are “properly” involved (without overparenting) tend to have academically successful students #CampusChat

Q7 What can colleges do to keep parents in the loop and less inclined to interfere? #CampusChat

A7 Promote parent weekends, parent activities, educate parents during orientation #CampusChat
A7 Colleges can help with transition: Students, Welcome to College; Parents Go Home  #CampusChat
A7 Recognize that parent involvement can be a good thing, in moderation / find places for them to be involved #CampusChat

Q8 What is the “sweet spot” of parent involvement during college prep? #CampusChat

A8 Look at the college prep process as a team effort—each of you has your own part and without teamwork you won’t win #CampusChat
A8 Be a coach, a mentor, an encourager and a motivator. Don’t DO for them, help them DO it themselves #CampusChat
A8 Don’t panic and step in when they aren’t doing their part. If you let them fail, they are learning life lessons #CampusChat

Q9 What is your best advice for parents to help them keep from crossing the line? #CampusChat

A9 Remind yourself that the last thing you want is a dependent adult living at home, without a job, and unmotivated #CampusChat
A9 Let your student drive the car—don’t grab the wheel or slam on the brakes. It’s all about teaching and not doing #CampusChat
A9 If you feel like you’re crossing the line, you probably are. Trust your instinct and pull back if you feel yourself getting too involved #CampusChat

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Kelly is founder of Smart College Visit and Smart College Consulting. When she's not creating content for the blog or clients, tweeting, or hosting #CampusChat, she's planning her next mobile move.

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