Scholarship Mom Tip #112: How NOT to Win College Scholarships

Let's get back to basics with these tips of what NOT to do when you are trying to win college scholarships. Scholarship judges see these all the time.DON’T do these things if you want to win college scholarships.

College scholarship judges have seen it all when it comes to reviewing applications sent to them either electronically (online/email) or through the postal service (snail mail).

Today’s tip is about getting back to basics and reminding students what NOT to do on a college scholarship application that is mailed via the postal service.

DON’T do these things when trying to win college scholarships:

• Don’t use a pencil to fill out the application
• Don’t write a 100 word essay when the guidelines call for up to 500 words
• Don’t mail in a late application, EVER
• Don’t assume one stamp will be enough postage — get the envelope weighed before mailing
• Don’t send three letters of recommendation when only one is asked for
• Don’t bother applying if you don’t meet ALL of the scholarship guidelines

These may seem like obvious, no-brainer tips, but I have personally seen several of these mistakes in the applications that are coming in for my own scholarship, Savor Summer College Scholarship, and they are more common than most people think.

Sending in a polished, complete application is imperative to the scholarship process and should be the goal of every student who is trying to win college scholarships.

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Author: Monica Matthews

Monica Matthews is our favorite scholarship mom! After helping her son win $100,000 in scholarships for his college education, she founded to share what she learned along the way and now she's sharing her tips with Smart College Visit!

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